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Research and Creative Works Conference


2019 Award Winners

Art Exhibit

Outstanding Presentation – Undergraduate

  • Justin CastrogiovanniWe are One

  • Usman AnwarBlended America

  • RuthAnn Militrano – Influence From Early Experience

  • Savannah Taylor – All the same, All different, All Life

Honorable Mention

  • Jessica ColonnaUnited in our Destiny


Oral Session – Graduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Thomas Rocco Pascucci – Growth and individual variation in the Early Cretaceous theropod dinosaur Deinonychus antirrhopus

  • Regina Lena McManus – Pesticide Tolerance in Hemigrapsus sanguineus and panopeid mud crabs on Long Island

Oral Session – Graduate – Honorable Mentions

  • Danielle Grushkovskiy – Transgenerational Effects of Rapamycin on Drosophila melanogaster

ePoster – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation  

  • Erica Redmann – Functional Morphology and Terrestrial Locomotion in Lepidosiren

  • George Economou – The effect of rapamycin upon the inhibition of glutaminase in Drosophila melanogaster

Graduate – Honorable Mentions

  • Wafa AlsantliRole of Microsomal Triglyceride Transfer Protein in the Pancreas

Undergraduate – Honorable Mentions

  • Danielle MarkCharacterization of Degu Estrus Cycles

  • Seo Yeon JooEffect of Rapamycin on Glutamate Dehydrogenase activity in Drosophila melanogaster

  • Areeba KhalidCharacterizing the Growth Kinetics of a Single bacterium to Predict Antibiotic Resistance
  • Duckhyun Moon, Priya Patel – The Effects of LSH3 in the Cytokinin Signal Transduction Pathway

Business session I

Oral Session – Graduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Naifu JinImpact of Modifiable Behavior Risk Factors in Ethnicity and Gender

  • Yao WuDo people with different income levels have different consumption choices:  Online shopping or Offline?

Business session II

Oral Session – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Hifza Haider, Iffat Naveed – Have We Reached Full Employment?

Honorable Mention

  • Sarah FerraroDemanding Perfection from the Perspective of Transformational Leadership:  The Management Practices, Leadership Principles, and Core Values of Hyman G. Rickover

Business session III

Oral Session – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Rose Kaur, Alex Mark, Hope LeeHigh-end fashion/Street Wear Reselling industry

Business session IV

Oral Session – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Chase Morley, Jack Silverman, Devin KennedyStress levels in relation to student athletes


ePoster – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Kirandeep Kaur, Navindra DavidDevelopment of Hypervalent Iodonium Compounds for Organic Synthesis

  • Maham Mahmood, Madison CanestrariTranslation of 1H and 19F NMR-based activity assays to in vitro characterization of nucleoside hydrolase activity in cell extracts and whole cells

Honorable Mention

  • Sean RahmanSynthesis of Aza-flavone derivatives and Testing of Inhibition on adenine-guanine nucleoside ribohydrolase

Oral Sessions – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Julia Persaud, Shannon Auletta, Wagma Caravan, Samantha F. ThuilotStructure-activity relationships of fragment-based inhibitors of Trichomonas vaginalis uridine nucleoside ribohydrolase

Honorable Mention

  • Stephanie Dulovic, Sophia CastoPhotoelectrochemical and Surface Analysis of CdSe-POMA hybrids deposited on Gold, Platinum, and HOPG Electrodes

Chemistry II

ePoster – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Jennifer Noorollah, Nirvanie SinghSynthesis of N-HVI’s with Variations of Aryl-iodine for the HIGES reaction

Computer Science and Game Development

Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Emily GallagherRhythm Rocket

  • Michael Castillo, James Vanrossem –  Shattered Elements (an Original RPG game)

  • Paul Maurantonio – Super Duper Fighting Game

  • Zachary Gold, Travis Ng, Joseph ZambranoRF-Loc

Honorable Mention

  • Ryan DeislerEternita

Derner School of Psychology

ePoster – Graduate Division – Outstanding Presentation

  • Katrina FlorioFamily Caregivers Across the Lifespan from Emerging Adulthood Through Mid-Life

  • Ryan ClearyDo You Practice What You Preach?  Effects of Personality and Spirituality/Religiosity on Sex

Honorable Mention

  • Adam NatoliValidating the DSM-5’s Level of Personality Functioning Scale:  Why don’t we use multimethod research designs?

ePosters – Undergraduate Division – Outstanding Presentation

  • Catherine VerveniotisThe Influence of Implicit Warmth and Competence Estimations on Charitable Donation Decisions Involving Homelessness

  • Serena ChenThe Female Effect:  How Female Therapists Influence Language Use

Honorable Mention

  • Zachary HopkinsThe Experience of LGBTQ+ Members in Greek Life in the United States

  • Taylor RichesBilinguals and Language Processing

  • Jessica SchulteiszFemale College Students’ Dating and Activism in the Age of the #Metoo Movement

  • Blakely MurphyKeep Your Friends Out of It:  Network Interference Negatively Predicts Relationship Quality and Mental Health in Young Dating Couples

  • Logan TuminelliPersonality as a Predictor of Drinking Habits

Oral Sessions – Graduate Division – Outstanding Presentation

  • Sean GaughranAre narcissists worse at providing support?:  Exploring the relationship between narcissism and capitalization in romantic relationships

Oral Sessions – Undergraduate – Honorable Mention

  • Victoria OuzounianHow do people regulate important goals?  Exploring construal level and goal hierarchies?

Education and Health Sciences

ePoster – Graduate Division – Outstanding Presentation

  • Lauren Attner, Brianna Rider – Does Epiglottic Cartilage Prevent Airway Invasion in Patients with Dementia?
  • Brenna Martini4thand 5thGrade Students’ Attitude Toward Physical Activity

Honorable Mention

  • Sarah FrisinaCase Studies on Auditory and Communication Outcomes Post Auditory Brainstem Implantation in Children
  • Adrienne Cirelli, Elijah PikerAnterior Tongue Strength and Swallowing Pressure: Is There a Correlation?

ePoster – Graduate Division – Outstanding Presentation

  • Samantha Irace – Nonword repetition in Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Honorable Mention

  • Isabelle PinzonScreening for Input Dependency in Children with Language Delay


Oral Session – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Brooke WhitePrejudice & The Power of Poetry:  The Blind and Visually Impaired

Environmental Studies

ePoster – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Sarah CombsUsing GIS and LiDAR to Map Ancient Shorelines of Lake Superior in Northeast Minnesota


Oral Session – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Nicole QuirkeThe Four Irishmen

  • Christopher HortonThe Conflict of Ideology in the International Brigades During the Trial of George Wattis

ePoster – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Catherine OlsenThe Sorrow and the Pity and the Reawakening of the Memory of Vichy France

Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Oral Session – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Lara Klein, Christina FerranteRefining Mathematical Curriculum

Honorable Mention

  • Ahmed SaddaruddinPreventing hackers from hacking into our systems

ePoster – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Lara Klein, Gregory LucasContributions to Mathematics and Math Education from Felix Klein

Honorable Mention

  • Kayla Pollock, Gerard Boniello, Joseph CollinsGamified Phishing Simulation

Multidisciplinary I

Oral Session – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Juliana StaglianoThe Controversial Role of Social Media in the Lives of Adolescent Females

Multidisciplinary II

Oral Session – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Celine GonzalezMass Incarceration:  Consequences for Racial Inequality

Multidisciplinary III

Oral Session – Undergraduate Division – Outstanding Presentation

  • Cynthia SiavichayWhy does a barrier continue to exist between non-English speaking patients and health professionals?

Oral Session – Undergraduate Division – Honorable Mentions

  • Mark EdelsteinLet’s Manage Our Classrooms With Movement

  • Luqman TalpurBrand loyalty of Adelphi students about their college

Music Composition

Oral Session – Undergraduate Division – Outstanding Presentation

  • Dori-Jo Gutierrez, Kevin LubinWalt Whitman Bicentennial Music Composition


ePoster – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Christina DeBlasio, Julio Ruiz DiazAnalysis of Stone Technology from Ice Age Alaska

Nursing and Public Health

Oral Sessions – Undergraduate and Graduate  – Outstanding Presentation

  • Sahra Ibrahimi – Association Between Domestic Violence During Pregnancy and Pregnancy Outcomes in Afghanistan

Honorable Mention

  • Monica Rosenberg, Shivanie Ramsanie, Emily Power, Marjon Karimzada, Freshta Karimzada, Guy BacklundThe Effects of a Barbell Strength Training Program on Reducing the Fall Risk and Fall Related Injuries in the Frail Elderly

ePoster Session – Graduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Joseph Brennan, Neeta Jadonath, Natalya Luchinskaya, Kim SmithIn adults, what is the effect of clinically indicated replacement of peripheral venous catheters versus every four days (routine) on intravenous complications?

ePoster Session – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Luke Homer, Marie Diamandis, Michael Mayer, Amanda SmookViolent Events in Healthcare


ePoster – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Zeenat Baig, Zoya ShafiqueMeasurements with Position-Momentum Entangled Photons

Honorable Mention

  • Ong ChloeLandauer Microstar II in Diagnostic Dose Optimization

Roundtable Presentation

Undergraduate Division – Outstanding Presentation

  • Moriah RastegarHow Does Love Get Lost in Translation?

Social Work

ePoster – Graduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Karime HernandezDating Experiences of Hispanic Women with HIV/AIDS

Honorable Mention

  • Marcella PizzoHow does theory inform research?  A presentation of Karl Marx’s Theory of Alienation as a lens to conceptualize turnover rates of social workers in domestic violence settings


ePoster – Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Elisabeth FinangerSchool Shootings

Spanish Room

Undergraduate – Outstanding Presentation

  • Salma AguilarCulture Shock

International Leadership Coordinating Committee Awards:


  • Nicole Quirk
  • Laura Rojas


  • Sahra Ibahimi

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